Toon Boom Certified Associate

toonboom certified associate certificazione

Informazioni generali

Toon Boom Animation is the worldwide leader in animation and storyboard software for professionals and beginners. It is the tool of choice for artist's creating storyboards digitally and it is used by many top design studios to create the finest animated movies and television shows. If you have ever watched an animated movie or television show you have probably experienced the magic of Toon Boom.

Certiport offers four exciting Toon Boom certification opportunities:

  1. Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Certified Associate
  2. Toon Boom Harmony Essentials Certified Associate
  3. Toon Boom Harmony Advanced Certified Associate
  4. Toon Boom Harmony Premium Certified Associate 


Students actively enrolled in a school using Toon Boom software Teachers or faculty at an educational institution using Toon Boom software for instruction Professional animators or storyboard artists using Toon Boom software in production Studio or other business wanting a consistent level of Toon Boom expertise.

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